Prophecies and Portents

Writing in the Hermit’s Cabin:

  1. Snow falling within a circle is a sign of death.
  2. Beware the man who is not a man
  3. I see 7 and I see 9, all they had will soon be mine

Casilda’s Song

The stars that burn their charcoal death
shrink back they feel the hoary breath
of he who ransoms great Carcosa
He flees where queen and prophet met
where twin suns fail but never set
escapes the tomb of lost Carcosa

Zaig’s Reading from the Fortuneteller

This card tells of the enemy. (Darklord) It is no man or even common Feond that threatens us all. It is as ancient as the land itself.

This card tells of the enemy’s servant. (Conjurer) The enemy did not come to Tulg on its own, but was brought here. What the servant knows can be used against the enemy.

This card tells of the enemy’s thralls. (Beast) Wolf and spider, bat and raven, boar and serpent. Each of these bend the knee to the enemy, and have enraged as Feondas. (Dictator) But the enemy has a general. The attacks on Tulg Noamh are arranged by a wound in the land itself. The blood of the forest given shape.

This card tells of the enemy’s location. (Mists) During the night, the cards can not see where the evil lurks, the mists obscure all! But during the day (Dunjon) the enemy lurks in a hall of bones. The enemy hides in an ancestral home.

This card tells of a danger, both to you and to the enemy. (Torturer) A crone, like myself, but with far darker powers travels the land. She draws her strength from misery. (Trader) She cloaks herself as a merchant, but like all merchants she must have a home.

This card tells of Tulg Noamh. (Tax Collector) The nobles believe that they are fighting the enemy, but they just leave their people drained. (Shepherd) But it is from the nobles that the next leader of Tulg must come. The enemy must be kept from subverting them all.

This card tells of Cadwall. The poor town has faced such horrors, and surely will soon fall to the enemy. (Innocent) The innocent? Is there? One sought by the enemy, one the enemy wishes to corrupt. Surely the innocent must have had a protector to survive this long. (Priest) Ah, the Temple. It is only by the power of the creator that the Innocent has not yet been taken.

This card tells of the Vinyards of Blaneau Gwent. (Merchant) Favored by the demorthen long ago, these grapes and their wines give hope and courage to Tulg Noamh, or would (Raven) if the Nghigfrain did not plague them.

This card tells of the Ruins of Denbigh. (Evoker) A follower of the enemy, drawn from deep within the Sighing Forest lurks within these ancient ruins. (Berserker) She is with one whose mind is shattered, but he too will heed the enemy’s call.

This card tells of the Hilderen knights. (Horseman) Man of their number have left the Tulg Noamh region, seeking to put an end to its threats at the source. (Illusionist) But they have been drawn off chasing a false foe. Their quest has only weakened Tulg, as they are sorely needed here.

This card tells of the Bramble knights. (Ghost) Castle Draenen has fallen. The walls of the ancient fortress were no match for the great Feond that lurks in the marshes to the South. (Paladin) But all is not lost, a hero may still be found within.

This card tells of the Demorthen. (Broken One) The circle of Tulg Noamh fought the enemy, and they have lost. Except for one. Long has she been whispered to live in the hills. (Druid) She is dreaded by the civilized folk, but she is demorthen still.

This card tells of the Temple. (Philanthropist) The abbot works to tend to his flock even now. (Charlatan) But he does so because of the power that he sees that he can bring to himself.

To beat the enemy, you will need aid and allies. Standing against the enemy (Necromancer) I see eight allies. On their own, each will fall. Without them, many of you will die.

(Marionette) The enemy has already taken one, and intends to use what should have been an ally against you. Have hope! This ally is not yet lost!

(Avenger) Could you stand aside and watch if you had seen your order torn asunder? If you can stomach the costs of the desire for vengeance, this ally can be had.

(Warrior) The osag have not all made themselves beasts of men. One ally stalks the woods, hunting his kinsmen, for he is certain that they are men no more.

(Missionary) An ally has travelled as far as you have to fight the enemy. Though their journey was not as perilous as your own, their sword is still wetted and true.

(Guild Member) Not every ally brings personal strength of arms. Some, however, can sway the people to have your side against the enemy.

(Seer) And another ally should be valued for what he knows, even (Beggar) as he walks among the least of men.

(Elementalist) Two spirits of the land themselves stand ready to go to war against the enemy. (Soldier) They only await a Demorthen to lead them into battle.

(Anarchist) I see six objects of power that must be gathered if the enemy is to be defeated.

(Myrmidon) The first is a weapon whose blade may cut even the enemy’s flesh. (Bishop) A sword, blessed by the Creator. A Relic of Soustraine, a crystal of light, is the heart of the blade.

(Rogue) The second is a long knife, blessed by Demorthen and Tarish hands. With metals not of this earth it cuts, and with ancient spells it protects. (Tempter) So desired was this blade that the Osag have claimed it for themselves.

(Miser)In the capital city an object of power is held by one who fears releasing it from their grasp. (Enchanter) But without one of strong will holding it when you face the enemy, your minds will be bent and brother will fight brother.

(Abjurer) This is not the first time that man has had to face the enemies, and the knowledge from the previous fight still exists. (Hooded One) There is a sigil rann that can protect you, without it the enemy’s magic can strip your flesh from your bones.

(Transmuter) A magientist has created a device to drain the power of the enemy (Thief) and channel it into himself. Leaving the enemy in a weakened state may be your key to victory, but any such meddling in the enemy’s power is sure to be dangerous.

(Traitor) That danger only grows with the one who already bears an artifact of the enemy. (Artifact) This item must be destroyed, or the enemy’s victory is imminent!

Prophecies and Portents

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