Tag: Loch Varn


  • Leog

    Leog offers his advice to the Hilderin Knights of Dearg's Vale, and rarely travels all the way to Melwan. He confessed to killing the Magientist Verzal fifty years ago, and was executed for the murder in the first game session.

  • Jearon

    When the Council of Varn sent the characters to the Magientist ruin near Loch Varn, they sent Jearon with them as their guide. Jearon proved to be an experienced outdoorsman and fighter, and, as a man in his thirties, he often talks about it being past …

  • Verzal

    When the characters encounter Verzal, he is possessing first the corpse of Deorn, then the body of Jearon. The ghost is vengeful, and he demands that the characters publicly denounce Leog, and reveal his killings.

  • Ciany Lorn

    Ciany Lorn is a travelling historian, drawn to secrets like a moth to the flame. Pretty, and sometimes sheepish and easily influenced, some think that she is lucky to have been so successful travelling alone.