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  • Demorthen

    Demorthen are shamans, the bridge between the people and the spirits. They are lore-keepers, priests, ritualists and sorcerers. It is their job to advise the chiefs, nobles, governors and kings how to balance the needs of the community with the proper …

  • Airgead the Demorthen

    [[:wailen-1 | Wailen]] and [[:leog | Loeg]] were among the circle of Demorthen who trained Airgead and [[:mor-1 | Mor]]. 21-year old young man with stark, white hair, on his Ionnthen journey of discovery. Carrying 5 frost belonging to Crone Maab

  • Wailen

    Wailen is a mystic who gives vague answers and is not very involved in the daily lives of the villagers of Melwan. Most of the time, she lives in a small and very austere hut close to the sacred circle of the Vale. She used to be a gorgeous woman, and has …

  • Leog

    Leog offers his advice to the Hilderin Knights of Dearg's Vale, and rarely travels all the way to Melwan. He confessed to killing the Magientist Verzal fifty years ago, and was executed for the murder in the first game session.

  • Mor

    Mor was an orphan taken in by [[:nar-1 | Nar]], who grew up in Melwan. Dispite his size and Nar's background, Mor didn't excel in either being a smith or a warrior. However, he his aptitude for the Demorthen arts was noticed by [[:wailen-1 | Wailen]], and …

  • Cathbad

    An associate of Loeg and Wailen, Cathbad is known to travel throughout the duchy, and is a name familiar not only to Airgead, but also to Mab - as his travels have taken him to Tulg Naomh. Cathbad suffered severe mental trauma during his time in the …

  • Argala

    A cheerful, red faced country woman. Doesn't care much for the Temple, but was unaware of the depths to which Brother Cadwallader had sunk

  • Sneachda

    A nursery rhyme: She enters houses in the dead of night, Walks to the infant in her icy gown, Sucks out its life with unholy might, After turning it dead she disappears down. The Cold Lady took warmth from the baby, She flies away to her cave as …