Pensive but Artistic Bard


Masha is the twin sister of Mirna

As in Book One: Universe, pg 192, with the following changes to her Ways:

Creativity: 5
Reason: 4
Empathy: 3
Combativeness: 2
Conviction: 1

Skills: Close Combat: 4. Craft: 2. Erudition: 3. Feats: 1. Natural Environment: 4. Occultism: 3. Perception: 4. Performance: 5 (6). Relation: 4 (5). Shooting and Throwing: 2. Stealth: 3. Travel: 3.
Advantages: Beautiful.
Sanity: Mental Resistance: 6. Orientation: Instinctive. Trauma: 2.
Combat: Attack: 6 (Short sword Damage: 2. Dagger Damage: 1). Defense: 12 (Protection: 1). Speed: 5. Potential: 3. Stamina: 10. Survival Points: 3.

Equipment Masha possesses a Tarish lute with a peculiar sound, which she treasures greatly. She is equipped with light leather armor, a short sword, and two daggers. Of note, her satchel contains a paper notebook and some ink, a small mirror, a few music sheets, and a small purse with 10 azure Daols inside.

Masha has received her Arrival in Jarnel XP.


Masha and her twin sister Mirna are of Tarish blood on their father’s side, and their mother is from Dearg. The two young women never knew their father, for he only remained at the village for a few months, when his clan, entrapped by a hard win- ter, had to take refuge there. The Tarish man had a passionate affair with an inhabitant of Dearg, but left the following spring, leaving her pregnant with twins. Soon, the people of Dearg began to suspect the origin of the girls, and the Demorthèn Loeg had to intervene to protect the children and their mother, who risked being the victims of popular condemnation. Even if the mother had been a widow for a long time, she was harshly blamed for having fooled around with a Tarish man instead of wedding a man of the region.

When they were about five, Masha and Mirna each received from their mother a musical instrument that had allegedly belonged to their father. The two sisters developed a passion for music and showed a commendable talent for the art, although each in a different style. Masha learned to play the lute in a rather calm, wistful way. Although her twin sister managed to slowly be accepted by actively participating in the life of the village, it proved harder for Masha. A pensive, sometimes troubled girl, her only source of appeasement was music and she only took part in the communal tasks reluctantly. Now seventeen years old, she has become a pretty young woman of mixed blood, wooed by vale boys she has only little interest in. The only one earning her attention is Joris, the young adept of the Temple, living in the monastery not far from Dearg. Masha appreciates the young man for his discretion, and finds his presence soothing. Deep down, Masha’s dream is to leave to explore the world, and she has set her mind to being part of the prestigious circle of Tri-Kazel’s bards one day.

Personality Character Traits: Poetic, Doubting. Latent Disorder: Melancholy. Masha is a daydreaming young woman, very different from her lively, eccentric sister. Having a true artistic sensibility, Masha spends a lot of time playing her lute, sometimes singing along with her crystalline, melancholic voice. Outside of her contemplative side, she is a capable, inventive young woman. Although she appreciates the company of Joris, whom she finds different from the vale’s other boys, she does not feel attracted to his religion, no more than she is to the cult of the spirits of nature. Actually, Masha finds it difficult to believe in anything, and does not manage to give a meaning to her life. She wonders a lot about her Tarish origins, and would like to know more about them, hoping that her travels will put her on her father’s tracks. Her twin sister does not understand why she is so set on learning more about a culture that has nothing in common with their life in Dearg, and has exhorted her to change her mind more than once, but always in vain.


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