Perservering Hunter


Combativeness 5, Reason 4, Creativity 3, Empathy 2, Conviction 1

Shooting and Throwing 5, Stealth 4 (5), Perception 4, Natural Environment 4, Travel 4, Close Combat 3, Craft 3, Relation 3, Feats 2 (3), Erudition 2

Advantages: Nimble

Ean has received his Arrival in Jarnel XP

The PCs knew Ean from when he moved to Melwan, and was with the Caravan from its start in Dearg until he left on a mission to assassinate Neventer in Mudan.


Ean is not from Melwan, but instead only arrived a couple of years ago. He has proven himself willing to brave the wilderness, and is a successful hunter.


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