Sir Alsandair North

Young Bramble Knight of Melwan


Combativeness 5
Creativity 2
Empathy 3
Reason 1
Conviction 4
Primary: Close Combat 5
Discipline: Swords 3
Secondary: Travel 5
Shooting/Throwing 2
Feats 5
Perception 1
Stealth 1
Relation 1
Erudition 1
Natural Environment 1

Character traits: Brave, Unthinking

Mental Disorder: Elation

Consciousness 5
Instinct 7
Trauma 3
Orientation Instinctive
Mental Resistance 9
Fighting Potential 2
Defense 12 (+4 Protection with chainmail and shield)
Speed 9
Stamina 9
Melee Attack 14
Ranged Attack 8
Survival Points 2

Advantages:Strong (1 Feats/Combat, Sturdy +1 Feats/Stamina), Fighting art:Parry Technique,3 Defense skill (45exp cost), purchased 20 Azure daols (10exp)

Disdvantages: Died once (took 1 off of his original Stamina of 10, added +1 Trauma)

Experience: 135 earned. 125 spent


Age 18. Alsandair’s father, Patraig, is a Bramble Knight who settled in Melwan. Alsandair aspired to be a knight like his father and left Melwan as a squire to train. He returned to Melwan to take over his father’s post. Alsandair’s father and mother, Keelie, own a modest home in Melwan.

Since childhood, he has been friends with Minodora “Mina” Donnikova, Ælfric Farrier, Magientist, Deorn and Airgead the Demorthen. Alsandair squired under Sir Quentin Erward, as did Alsandair’s father.

In the battle with the demon in the form of Dame Gwyn of Donn, Alsandair was slain by her. He was resurrectted immediately afterwards, and slew the demon.

Weapons and Armor:
Helmet (Sir Erward)
Round shield
Longsword (3 damage)
Dagger (1 damage)
2 Bows (2 damage)
2 dozen arrows/w quiver
Fine quality crossbow (2 damage)
2 dozen bolts w/quiver
Flaming meteoric iron long sword (3 + misc)
1 vial vegetable Flux (fuel for sword)
Sir Alsandair helmet

Oil lantern with 2 pint oil
Dried meat 1 day
Bread 1 day
2 torches
Water skin
Sleeping bag
Tent (1 or two people)
Wool tunic
Wool pants
Wool cloak
Traveling boots
Leather belt with a hide pouch
Leather jacket
Leather gloves
Wool scarf
Linen tunic
Linen pants

29 ember daols
(30 ember daols for Bramble Knights)
20 azure daols

Sir Alsandair North

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