Shadows of Esteren: The Gaes of Tulg


Loch Varn

The characters became aware in a strange setting, and only over the course of experiencing things through a long, dreamlike state did they realize that they were in an abandoned Magientist’s lair near Loch Varn, hoping to contain a danger that threatened not only the nearby town, but the character’s homes in Melwan.

Important events:

1) Airgead the Demorthen killed his own brother, Deorn while under the compounded effects of the Feondas, the ghost Verzal, and the chemicals at the Magientist’s lair

2) Crone Mab was informed of the existence of the Mirror of Time by Ciany Lorn

3) The Mirror of Time was shattered by an explosion

4) Ælfric Farrier, Magientist did not attempt to examine the Mirror of Time itself, but he has notes from the logbooks kept by Verzal

5) Adso of Llewellen did not attempt to travel to the chapel while in their dreamlike state. I wouldn’t worry about it, there was probably nothing important there. Everything turned out okay in the end, right?

6) The Crawler in the Darkness, a giant and powerful Feondas with aspects of a centipede and a flying insect escaped from the Magientist’s lair

7) The characters appeased the ghost Verzal, and saw to it that Leog was made to answer for the crime Verzal’s murder many years before. After Loeg’s execution, Verzal’s ghost seems to be settled.


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