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  • Dearg

    Dearg is close to [[Melwan | Melwan]] and Loch Varn's Vales. It is located in the North of [[Taol Kaer | Toal Kaer's]] kingdom, in the Duchy of Tulg. Because it is very near to the border of [[Gwidre | Gwidre]], the War of the Temple left its mark on …

  • Leog

    Leog offers his advice to the Hilderin Knights of Dearg's Vale, and rarely travels all the way to Melwan. He confessed to killing the Magientist Verzal fifty years ago, and was executed for the murder in the first game session.

  • Masha

    Masha and her twin sister Mirna are of Tarish blood on their father’s side, and their mother is from Dearg. The two young women never knew their father, for he only remained at the village for a few months, when his clan, entrapped by a hard win- ter, had …

  • Sir Argan Mac Darag

    Argan Mac Darag has been implicated by [[:mael | Sir Mael Maedoc]] in a number of heinous acts, including the using of a corrupt Relic to gain strength and luck in battle, and intending to sacrifice a child for even greater powers. Argan was working with …

  • Sir Mael Maedoc

    Sir Maedoc came to Crone Mab to reveal that the Hilderen Knights had been performing blood sacrifices for power. He was assassinated after this meeting, presumably by a demon who used an illusion to appear as Mina.

  • Shadow

    The characters surmised that there must be one other person involved in the conspiracy with the Hilderen knights, a sorcerer able to at least perform a summoning. If all the shapeshifting and illusions were not done by the demon in the form of [[:gwyn | …