Sir Quentin Erward

Old veteran travelling knight


Alsandair North served as the squire of Sir Quentin Erward


One might think he would be bloated with pride, after all the deeds of Sir Erward have made him worthy of being ennobled by the King of Taol Kaer himself. “The Ballad of Quentin” is known far and wide, and so is the story of the Siege of Red Peak, of which he was the only survivor. However, Quentin has remained a simple and humble man. At sixty five years old, the years and fights have marked him, and harshly so, but his will is strong, his mind clear, and he knows he will die sword in hand, protecting those who need it.

These days, many of his efforts are directed towards training promising young men and women who will make fine Bramble Knights, or even if they do not take the oaths, will use their skills to defend their villages. Some of his disciples have become important members of the Order, but most have fallen like Bramble Knights, sword drawn and facing an enemy that menaced the innocent.

Sir Quentin Erward

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