Resourceful but Undisciplined Scholar


Studied Magience with Ælfric Farrier, Magientist.

Reason 5, Creativity 4, Empathy 3, Conviction 2, Combativeness 1

Erudition 5 (6)(Herbalism 6(7)), Natural Environment 5, Science 4, Perception 4, Occultism 3, Craft 3, Travel 3, Close Combat 2, Magience 2, Relation 1

Advantages: Well Read, Financial Ease

Liam has received his Arrival in Jarnel xp


Liam’s path has been an irresolute one. As a boy, he wanted to become a demorthen, but he couldn’t help but question everything, and wasn’t embraced by the spirits of nature. As a young man, he travelled to Tulg Naomh to study Magience, but his interests in learning as much else as he could in the city kept him from graduating before his funds ran out, and he returned to Melwan. He has since served as the apprentice to Venec, and that he at least completed. Still, Liam’s dreams are bigger than Melwan, and none expect him to remain in the village.


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