Crone Mab

Respectable Wealthy Retired woman



Combativeness: 2
Creativity: 3
Empathy: 5
Reason: 4
Conviction: 1

Close Combat (Combativeness): 1
Craft(Creativity): 1 (for lockpicking)
Demorthen Mys(Emp): 0
Erudiction(Reason): 5 Politics: 7 Forgery: 5
Feats(Comb): 5
Magience(Reason): 0
Urban Environ(Emp):5
Urban Environ(Emp):5
Perception(Reason): 4
Performance(Creativity): 4 + 1(Charismatic)
Relation(Empathy): 5 +1(Charismatic) Sweet Talk: 6
Science(Reason): 3
Shooting & Throw(Comb): 0
Stealth(Empathy): 5 Pickpocket 6 Hiding 6
Travel(Empathy): 1

Sneak Attack: Use sneak + empathy or combativeness to do a sneak attack when opponent is not expecting.

Speed:: 7 (Combativeness+Empathy)
Defense: 14 (Empathy+Reason+5)

Way of Combativeness: 2
Way of Creativity: 3
Way of Empathy: 5
Way of Reason: 4
Way of Conviction:1

Ethnicity: People of Tri-Kazel

Class: Merchant – Relation/Erudiction

Birthpace: Urban

Social Class: Commoner/Middle Class:

Age: 42 +1
Setback: Lucky – saved from Violence / Adversary / Tragic Love

Consciousness: 5
Instinct: 5
Trauma: 1
Hardening: 1
Orientation of Personality: Instinctual

Trauma Points: 3 points temporary

personal – will not take anyone but Allisonander to meals I pay for. Need to get vengeance on mina for prank with the rat fienda

Mental Resistance: 6
Chosen path of disorder – If I must: Hysteria p.277

Feeling effects of symptom of agitation.

Charismatic 30 points +1 Relation +1 Perform
Ally – Name Sorcha: 20 points
Wealthy: 50 points
Sneaky Fighting Style: 20 points

Disadvantages: Aftermath(Life) 40 points / 80 points total
-1 Stamina / -1 Feats

Spent Points:
+1 Performance +1 Stealth

Unspent points: 50 points out of 265 points


Crone Mab was an owner of a fine ladies shop in Tulg Naomh – selling fine ladies accessories and jewelry from all the fair stretches of the globe. She moved to Melwan two years ago and has resided in the finest hotel that the city has to offer. She occasionally goes to see the sites – loving the famous waterfalls in town for its peacefulness. She is not found of children, but does enjoy the travelers and the wealthy or noble who come through town.

She is often invited to noble parties – not due to her status or age, but she often helps the party flow better and the best events often have her in attendance.

Faked Thassalian Writ for Magientist from Duchy of Tulg
Sword from Luad.

Crone Mab

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