Ælfric Farrier, Magientist

19-year old Magientist from Melwyn

Combativeness 1
Creativity 5
Empathy 3
Reason 4
Conviction 2
Close Combat 1
Craft 5
Erudition 3
Magience 5
Flux Know. 6
Flux Extr. 6
Natural Environment 1
Occultism 4
Performance 1
Relation 1
Science 5
Travel 1

Character traits: Inventive, Self-Conscious

Consciousness 6
Instinct 6
Trauma 2
Orientation Instinctive
Mental Resistance 7
Fighting Potential 3
Defense 12
Speed 4
Stamina 10
Melee Attack 2
Survival Points 3
Rindath 9
Exaltation 6

Advantages: Brilliant (+2 Magience/Occult/Science)
Disadvantages: Nearsighted

Earned: 80
Spent: 80

Equipment List

Current Magience Experiments


Age: 19
Aelfric grew up comfortably — his parents were decently well-off, some of the best off in Melwyn, and were renowned in the region for their skill with artistic yet practical brass fixtures. Even when Aelfric was young, they had noticed how intelligent he was and started setting aside money to provide for his education. They encouraged his studies and experimentation (even when minor explosions from his study of chemistry resulted in him being banished to the carriage house). When Aelfric was accepted to the College of Magience in the capital, it was cause for much celebration — but he was sad to leave all the friends that he grew up with. At least he knew one person, though — Liam was also going to the College. He did well in his classes and advanced quickly through the College, with barely any time to visit home. Shortly before graduation, though, he received terrible news — his parents had both caught the small pox. He rushed home to be with them, but by the time he got there they had both succumbed. After the funeral, while going through the family finances, Aelfric realized that business had been bad for some time, and every penny his parents owned had gone to pay for his schooling. He now lives alone in the house, renting to the occasional border to cover costs, and continuing his experimentation in Magience.

Apart from his friends, he occasionally makes time to visit his Aunt and Uncle in Dearg and check in on his cousins.

Ælfric Farrier, Magientist

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