Brother Adso of Llewellen

Tri-Kazel Cleric of the One God




Combativeness 2
Creativity 1
Empathy 3
Reason 5
Conviction 4


Primary: Prayer 5
Discipline: Miracle 11
Secondary: Erudition 4
Perception 5+2
Discipline:Observation 6+2
Relation 5
Shooting/Throwing 2+2
Close Combat 1
Occcultism 1
Travel 1
Protection (Leather Tunic) 1

Character traits: Logical-minded, Ascetic

Consciousness 9
Instinct 3
Trauma 7
Orientation Rational
Mental Resistance 9
Fighting Potential 1
Defense 13
Speed 5
Stamina 10
Melee Attack 3
Ranged Attack 5
Survival Points 3



Mental Disorder: Mysticism

Major Miracles: Resurrection, Purification, Canticle, Circle Of Protection, Miraculous Healing, Devine Cold

Max Exaltation : 54


Incident Report on the Election of Adso of Llewellen 1411

It has come to our attention that there may be some questions surrounding the Election of Adso of Llewellen. As this is a report on the events leading up to as well as the Election itself, a follow up investigation is requested into the current standing of all parties involved.

Adso of Llewellen was gifted to The Temple by his parents in 1388, shortly after his fourth birthday. The Cleric Bernardo Gui was given stewardship of young Adso and adopted a strict stance toward his training.

According to Cleric Gui, the young Adso was being disciplined when the Election occurred and credits his stewardship as the cause.

Adso has refused to comment on the Election, defaulting instead to the account given by Cleric Gui.

However, given that the election of Adso of Llewellen centered around the miracle of Resurrection, and no account of a resurrection has been given, there is seemingly something that the council is not being told about the events.

What Adso knows:

When Adso of Llewellen was gifted to the Temple, it was the worst day of his then life. He was torn away from his loving family for some reason that wasn’t told to him and shuffled off to the Temple in the middle of the city. From there he was introduced to the bane of his existence, Bernardo Gui.

Every day after that, Bernardo would wake Adso with a bucket of cold water thrown on him, and every night Adso would go to sleep, nursing his wounds from the day’s beating. Any mistake, any failure to follow the Temple’s doctrines would result in a rattan cane coming down across Adso’s back or thigh.

Adso was never told why he was the object of such wrath, but he did notice that other stewards did not have to endure the same rigors in their day to day life.

Then one day, Adso got up the nerve to ask Bernardo Gui why he was forced to endure such horrors at the hand of his master. This incensed Gui and he laid into Adso will all of his might. Blow after blow came down on Adso’s back forcing him first to his knees and then down onto his belly. All the while Adso tried to calm Gui by saying he was sorry and that he would never bring up the subject again, but that only seemed to spur Gui on to strike harder and harder.

Adso finally fell silent except for the cries that he let out with each blow. Instead he began to pray to the One God to release him from the clutches of his master. With every strike, Adso’s pleas became more and more adamant with his prayers.

Finally, as death came to Adso, he thanked the One God for releasing him from his torment. He raised his hand up towards the heavens and as he fell into unconsciousness his hand fell onto his chest.

Adso woke to find that he was being proclaimed an Elect and that as an Elect his new duties would take him from his master and he would go out into the world.

He has met new friends and allies but throughout his travels he has never forgotten the violence that he suffered at the hands of his former master, Bernardo Gui.

Brother Adso of Llewellen

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