Shadows of Esteren: The Gaes of Tulg

Omens, Part IV

Shadows over Dearg, chapter 1

After the traumatic events at Melwan and Loch Varn, the citizens of both villages were eager to attend the yearly Spring Festival of Dearg – a celebration meant to signify the end of the harsh winter and the start of a bright new year. In addition to the citizens of Dearg, Melwan, and Loch Varn, many also travel from Faeril to attend the festival as well. It is a time of celebration and romance – many young couples meet, and the plans for many a marriage are made at the festival. And, the festival is a time for families to come together – if a husband or wife moved to a new village after one of these festival marriages, it’s at the Spring festival where they can most easily see their friends and family from the village of their birth.

So it was that the characters came to Dearg as well, but misfortune struck on the second day of the festival. A Cnaigh got into the village, and bit nine people, including Crone Mab. Knowing that they often carry disease, hunters went out in search of their nest, including the characters. Instead of the gnawer’s nest, its trail lead them to a mine, and when the characters began exploring it, they saw a Twrch trwyth.

The characters fled the mine, and upon returning to Dearg rose a troop of men at arms of the Hilderen Knights, lead by Sir Argan Mac Darag, and accompanied by Dame Gwyn of Donn and Sir Mael Maedoc. The Twrch Trwyth had left the mine, and Minodora “Mina” Donnikova was able to track it. Sir Argan and Dame Gwyn went into the mine, accompanied by soldiers, and the rest followed Mina into the forest.

The forest group was beset upon by a madman archer, who was killed by Mina, but in the fight the trail had been lost. They returned to the mine, where they were told by Argan that a Soustraine temple had been set up. The characters returned to Dearg to gather up Adso of Llewellen, so he might be able to examine the temple and learn its connection to the Twrch Trwyth.


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