Shadows of Esteren: The Gaes of Tulg

Omens, Part III

Poison, chapter 2

The characters travelled to the shack of Ergor the Hermit, where he was found sickened by the flux poisoning. They also found signs of a Nimh Cuir growing by the polluted river. The characters both saved Ergor, bringing him back to Melwan, and cut out and killed the plant before it fully became Feondas. More than that, they made note of the scribblings of Ergor, thinking that they could possibly be prophetic.

Upstream, the characters encountered Herven, a magientist’s apprentice who was attempting to purify the stream. From him, the characters learned of the madness of Talacien, and the source of the flux poisoning – the old Goater Mine.

The characters went to Talacien’s manor/laboratory to get protective gear, and there they saw more signs of his madness, including an additional apprentice who had been executed. Then, to the mine, where Ælfric tricked Talacien into returning to his lab, along with his Mekones enhanced bodyguards.

The characters were able to ignite the fossil flux, ending the threat of the polluted river, but starting a mine fire that will last for at least a month, and maybe much longer. And while Talacien in his madness wrecked the large water purifier Herven was using, Herven and Ælfric were able to put a smaller scale one in place in Melwan, guaranteeing purified water for the village for decades to come.

Unfortunately, while the PCs were able to save the life of one of Talacien’s bodyguards, Talacien himself escaped into the mountains.


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